Alexandra Hawkins

I am so pleased that you have reached my site. It is all to do with Nature, both animal and botanical, possibly a little mineral .

I was brought up in beautiful England and my Mother taught me all the names off so many birds, flaura and fauna that came to visit and grew in her glorious garden.

My Father was a fantasic scientist with a passion for fossils and all animals . He used to get me up in the middle of the night to see badgers and foxes snuffling in the garden . He would also stand me on his shoulder to see the might of a storm.

Many a weekend he and I would ” Fossil ” or visit zoo’s and museums together, further expanding my love of the Planet.  They would both watercolour and oil paint for relaxation and I have inherited this love.

I paint and draw in a number of mediums and often the texture and species will inspire which one to use in order to capture the detail.

I am very lucky to live in Henley on Thames where many ideas come from the surrounding countryside .If I am lucky enough to see turtles , sealife on holiday I take a series of photographs and then lovingly paint them when I am home.

If there is anything in the sold page you like, I can always paint another ,slightly different of course.  Feel free to email me anything from colours to lessons.