Have you ever asked yourself:

“What is my spirit animal?

I would love to draw your Spirit Animal or indeed,
Spirit Animals.
Spirit Animals can portray some of your  personality traits.  For instance I have a beautiful brown bear with me all the time . He is a healer ( I am also a nurse) and he helps me to stay strong and confident however, he reminds me I need solitude to reboot my brain.
The polar bear in the picture was a client’s spirit animal and she has given me permission to show this very personal picture.
The polar bear is very a powerful totem. Helping with endurance and surrendering to where your life is at that moment.  Very poignant for this client so she naturally gets a great deal of help and comfort by asking him questions or meditating with him around.
Learning about the characteristics and the habits of the animal can help you find out about hidden challenges you have and, teach you things about yourself that you might not be aware of. For example, show you a talent you didn’t know you have.
If you choose to connect with your spirit animal through meditation, a spiritual journeying it can be a wonderful companion on your life journey.  Many other animals may come and go to help you.  This would be your primary animal.
How do I know what to Draw ? 

My way of working for a spirit animal portrait is very intuitive and it all starts with us having a chat.  We decide if you would like to come to my house and I will walk you through a gentle lovely meditation where you will meet your animal.  Most people like to come to the house, however we can do this process via phone if you prefer, or live too far away.

I then discuss with you what medium you would like your spirit animal to be drawn in. Some people like bright pastels like the polar bear, some prefer black and white charcoal.

It takes one to two weeks for me to complete your Spirit Animal in A4 size.

You will also get an in depth explanation of what your animal can do for you.

This whole delightful process is £95. If you wish for a larger picture we can discuss prices before your sitting.

Please look at my Gallery to see the style of work I do, and I hope to introduce you to your Spirit Animal soon.

What is my Spirit Animal - Polar Bear in the Aurora Borealis
North American Wolf Spirit Animal